Patriot Story Sponsors

Who Sponsors Stories?

Businesses, Organizations, Relatives or Friends sponsor the stories of American patriots here at American Patriot Stories.

Do you know this person?

That will definitely provide an additional incentive to sponsor their story. You could add your comments (so long as they are positive) as a sponsor as well. Comments about the person or the event(s) are fine.

However, ANYONE may sponsor any story that has not already been sponsored by someone else.  Sponsors are one-time and lifetime per story (page) that they sponsor.

What Does Sponsoring a Story (Page) Cost?

We ask for a minimum donation of $150.  (You may give more if you choose)  This includes us creating your simple, professional banner for you if you want us to.  You may also submit your own as well. 

It needs to be the correct size and either a .jpg, .gif or format ONLY.

What are the Benefits of My Sponsorship?

Intangible benefits include helping cover the administrative costs of this service, the joy that comes from "adding your thank you" for this veteran, and the joy of also supporting the young patriot historian that secured and wrote the story.

Tangible benefits include the promotion of your business or cause via the graphic banner at top of the page.

The top of page banner is 800px X 200px.

Young American Patriot Historians?

If the story you are considering sponsoring has been written by one of our historians, then 50% of whatever you choose to donate is given to them.

If you are only wanting to donate to them directly, you don't need to sponsor their stories to do so.  Just give them whatever you want.

Many of them have public profiles here and you can contact them via this website and/or in some cases even donate directly to them via PayPal from their page.

Whatever you give them goes directly to them.

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All patriot stories and patriotic voices on this site are copyrighted by their respective authors and American Patriot Stories.

You must receive written consent from the in author to republish them.

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