How to Conduct an Interview

How to Conduct an Interview

In order for you to get a patriot's story published on our website, we need this form completed:

Some General Guidelines

Personal Safety Considerations

If you are under 18 years old, make sure that you have permission from your parent or legal guardian with each and every interview that you conduct: where, when and how.

The Easy Way

The easiest way to conduct the interview is to do so with a computer.  Pads are fine as well and you can do this with a phone, but it can be a bit tedious with a small screen.

Just load the page and start from the top!

Review & Rehearse

Be very familiar with the form that we have published online so you know what you will be asking, and practice doing an interview or two with friends or family.

Express Gratitude & Be Respectful

Always express your gratitude to every veteran that you meet.  They have served the USA, therefore, they have served you.

Be respectful.  If you disagree with them, don't let it show and don't argue with them.

Your job is to get their story.

Keep Your Submission Family Friendly

Using "colorful" language is commonplace now, but we don't publish it on our website.  If you are trying to quote them and they use obscenities, just replace those words with ***.

We will scan your submission for foul and obscene language.  If it is present, we will NOT use your story.  Please pay attention to this!

Thank You!

Always end your interview by thanking them for their time and their service to us!


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