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Content Page Sponsors are individuals, businesses and organizations that select specific pages on our website to sponsor.

This helps us accomplish our mission and gives them an opportunity to "print" their brand upon the minds of people and get some good SEO for their websites, too.

  • Content pages are our own operational and informational pages.
    • They are NOT patriot's stories pages.
      • If you want to sponsor a patriot's story page, tap here.

We also have a Website Sponsors program, which provides greater visibility and a page on our site.

Who Sponsors Our Content Pages?

Businesses, Organizations and Individuals that like what we are doing here sponsor the pages on American Patriot Stories in order to promote their causes or advertise their businesses.

What Does Sponsoring a Story (Page) Cost?

Any Content Page May Be Sponsored Now for a 1 time, $100 charge. 

  • All charges are 1 time only and the sponsor space is permanent.

This includes us creating your simple, professional banner for you if you want us to.  You may also submit your own as well. 

It needs to be the correct size and either a .jpg, .gif or format ONLY.

What are the Benefits of My Sponsorship?

Intangible benefits include helping cover the administrative costs of this service and the joy that comes from "adding your thank you" for our veterans.

Tangible benefits include the promotion of your business or cause via the graphic banner at top of the page, which links to your chosen, external resource if you so choose.  

The top of page banner is 800px X 200px.

Young American Patriot Historians?

Do you know about our young historians that interview veterans and get their stories published here?  Please familiarize yourself with this and help us promote it.

Sponsor Content Page Submission

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If you are supplying your own banner (800px X 200px), use the upload button below.  Otherwise provide some instructions for us to create it for you, please.  (There is no extra cost for us to create your banner for you.)

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