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Become an Interviewer and Help Write History

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Become an Interviewer and Help Write History

Our interviewers are persons (at least 14 years old) that collect and submit STORIES of American patriots to American Patriot Stories.

We need to archive the many thousands of stories of American patriots in our site index and make them easy for others to find.

American Patriot Stories is offering you the opportunity to become a vital part of this effort.

Become a Registered American Patriot Stories Historian

You can help collect and preserve the stories of your countrymen that have served in the armed forces of the USA.

What we Want You to Do

We want you to gather and record (in writing) the stories of men and women that have served in any branch of the US Armed forces, starting with those to whom you are related or acquainted or those that live in your area.

If they Served, they Have a Story

We want to record ALL of their stories.  We don't care what "job" they had. 

We're Want to Share their Message as Well

When we can get it, we want to also provide them with a platform to provide some advice to those that will be reading their stories.

Living or Deceased

We want to collect and publish the stories of American patriots, whether living or deceased that have served from 1900 - the present.  So, you've got over 100 years to work with.

What we Don't Want

We are not interested in the stories of historical figures that are already published in and well-known in history books, or those that are living and famous.

Don't submit something that you are copying from some other place, unless you are either the author of the piece or have both a direct connection to the person and advance permission to do so.  Follow copyright laws.

Primary Sources are Best

Whenever possible, we want to use primary sources by interviewing the subjects personally and directly whenever possible.  Otherwise, those that are living and knew them well - and are familiar with their stories.  These are all primary sources.

Help us Honor Them

Their stories are important to all of us and none of their stories are insignificant.

American Patriot Stories provides a place to honor them for their service.

Do You Have to Be Great in English and Writing?

No.  Maybe English as a subject and writing doesn't come easy to you.  Don't be discouraged by this.

If your are still in school, you will discover that your teachers and tutors will be available to help you as well.  They should be pleased that you are taking on this project.  (Plus, they are being paid to teach you ...)

If you are not still in school, we have resources on this website to which you can refer to and there are many others, too.



  • At least 14 years old
  • Social Sec. # (optional)
  • Follow Guidelines



  • Enhanced social skills
  • Published works
  • Service to countrymen



  • Direct Donations
  • Sponsor Bonuses
  • Contest Prizes

How to Apply

If you are under 18 years old, we require the consent of your parent or legal guardian for your application to be processed. 😊

You will become an Independent Contractor

You will NOT be an employee of The American Patriot Stories Heritage Center.  You will be an independent contractor. 

We will NOT be withholding taxes from the payments that you receive from us.  You will be responsible for knowing the laws in your state and paying any required local, state or federal taxes that are due as a result of the income that you earn from us.

How & When You Will be Paid

Direct Donations

People can pay you directly.  You may receive direct donations from your friends and family; the subjects themselves, or their friends and family.  Those monies are between you and them.  

Your Historian's Profile Page

If you choose to have a page (no cost for this), you will have a unique URL which you can share and your name will also be searchable via our site search.  Visitors can contact you by the methods you choose (including a contact form). 

They can also donate directly to you via your link.  (free and easy to set up)

Sponsor Bonuses

It is your choice whether or not you apply to be paid from us for your efforts.

If you want to be qualified to receive sponsor bonuses, then you MUST provide us with your social security number so we can report the income that you earn from us.

Your stories don't have to be sponsored for you to earn income.  But if they do get a sponsor, you can get a bonus. 😊

Sponsor Banners on Story Pages

There will be a banner area at the top of each published story.

Those banners will be offering sponsorships for the articles published. 

If you choose to be paid for the stories that you publish, you will earn 50% of what the sponsor pays for the story.

You will not be paid from Bigfoot.Marketing until someone has sponsored your page(s).

  • Checks are written the first week of each month for the previous month's earnings.  No exceptions.

Contest Bonuses

We will be holding at least one annual contest that top contributors will be invited to take part in for bonus prizes.

You will be notified of the details of contests when we are ready to publicize them.  😊

How Your Story Gets Sponsored

Each story that you publish will have a unique URL.

You may know of an individual, business or organization that would be willing to sponsor your stories.

You may advertise the stories that you publish and send potential sponsors to your pages.

If they choose to sponsor, it is a one-time payment for life.  (Their banners, text and links are permanent and lifetime.)

What does it Cost to Sponsor a Story?

We require a minimum of $150 donation to sponsor a story, regardless of its length.

Sponsors may elect to donate more, but it is not required.

Regardless of the donation amount, if you have elected to receive sponsorship bonuses, you will receive half of that.

What Determines the Value of the Sponsorship?

The primary value of the sponsorship is an individual, business or organization BELIEVING in the value of what we are creating at American Patriot Stories.

The secondary value is they get to support your efforts.

The tertiary value is they get a link from their sponsor's banner to their website, FaceBook page, YouTube channel or whatever they want (with the exception of "adult" sites). We don't require that their banners link to another resource, but if they want this, they receive it.

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© Copyright Notice

All patriot stories and patriotic voices on this site are copyrighted by their respective authors and American Patriot Stories.

You must receive written consent from the in author to republish them.

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